Civil Department Subjects Regulation 2013

Civil Department Subjects Regulation 2013

Semester 1

MA6151 – Engineering Mathematics 1

PH6151 – Engineering Physics 1

CY6151 – Engineering Chemistry 1

GE6151 – Computer Programming

GE6152- Engineering Graphics

Semester 2

MA6251 – Engineering Mathematics 2

PH6251 – Engineering Physics 2

CY6251 – Engineering Chemistry 2

GE6253 – Engineering Mechanics

Semester 3

MA6351 – Transforms and Partial Differential Equations

CE6302 – Mechanics of Solids

GE6351 Notes Environmental Science and Engineering

CE6301 Notes Engineering Geology

CE6303 Notes Mechanics of Fluids

CE6304 Notes Surveying 1

Semester 4 Civil Engineering Regulation 2013 Notes:

MA6459 Notes Numerical Methods

CE6401 Notes Construction Materials

CE6402 Notes Strength of Materials

CE6403 Notes Applied Hydraulic Engineering

CE6404 Notes Surveying 2

CE6405 Notes Soil Mechanics

Semester 5 Civil Engineering Regulation 2013 Notes:

CE6501 Notes Structural Analysis 1

CE6502 Notes Foundation Engineering

CE6503 Notes Environmental Engineering 1

CE6504 Notes Highway Engineering

CE6505 Notes Design of Reinforced Concrete Elements

CE6506 Notes Construction Techniques Equipment and Practice

Semester 6 Civil Engineering Regulation 2013 Notes:

CE6601 Notes Design of Reinforced Concrete & Brick Masonry Structures

CE6602 Notes Structural Analysis 2

CE6603 Notes Design of Steel Structures

CE6604 Notes Railways Airports and Harbour Engineering

CE6605 Notes Environmental Engineering 2

Semester 7 Civil Engineering Regulation 2013 Notes:

CE6701 Notes Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering

CE6702 Notes Prestressed Concrete Structures

CE6703 Notes Water Resources and Irrigation Engineering

CE6704 Notes Estimation and Quantity Surveying

Semester 8 Civil Engineering Regulation 2013 Notes:

MG6851 Notes Principles of Management