HS8251 Technical English Syllabus Regulation 2017 Anna University

Anna University

Second Semester

HS8251 Technical English

(Regulation 2017)


Semester : 2

Department :  Mechanical Engineering (Sandwich), Robotics and Automation, Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE), Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering (EIE), Instrumentation and Control Engineering (ICE), Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE), Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), Information Technology (IT), Biomedical Engineering, Medical Electronics,Computer and Communication Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology, Polymer Technology,Plastic Technology, Textile Technology, Fashion Technology, Textile Chemistry, Chemical and Electrochemical Engineering, Petrochemical Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology, Petrochemical Engineering, Food Technology, Handloom and Textile Technology, Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Geo informatics Engineering, Agriculture Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Automobile Engineering, Mechanical Engineering (MECH), Production Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Management, Mechatronics Engineering, Mechanical and Automation Engineering, Industrial Engineering.

Subject CodeHS8251

Subject Name :Technical English

Type : Syllabus

Edition Details : 2017 Edition (Original Version)

Syllabus Regulation : 2017

Attachment Type : pdf

Details :HS8251 Technical English Syllabus (REG 2017)


HS8251 Technical English Syllabus (REG 2017) REGULATION 2017

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HS8251 Technical English Syllabus Regulation 2017 Second Semester


At the end of the course learners will be able to:

  • Read technical texts and write area- specific texts effortlessly.
  • Listen and comprehend lectures and talks in their area of specialisation successfully.
  • Speak appropriately and effectively in varied formal and informal contexts.
  • Write reports and winning job applications.


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Orient Blackswan, Hyderabad: 2016

2. Sudharshana.N.P and Saveetha. C. English for Technical Communication. Cambridge
University Press: New Delhi, 2016.


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5. Raman, Meenakshi and Sharma, Sangeetha- Technical Communication Principles and Practice.Oxford University Press: New Delhi,2014.


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